Prevention Against COVID-19


Many health benefits include prevention against corona and other viruses

A ‘wonder remedy’ and natural active ingredient for the treatment and prevention of major diseases. Backed by a number of researches in medicinal applications.

Known as an herbal cure for centuries. Japan’s love of curcumin tea, India’s famous fragrant curries, traditional Thai and other Asian household cuisines are popular with health enthusiasts across the globe. In the West, aficionados mix curcumin powder into their morning cereal or ease their hangovers with these drinks.

A recent study of 15 herbs conducted by Carla GuijarroReal and the Polytechnic University in Valencia, Spain, established that curcumin, the active ingredient found in turmeric, shows high potential to help control the spread of Covid-19, when tested under laboratory conditions. This study is being used to aid the research and development of further chemical, in vivo and clinical trials for the treatment of Covid-19.

An international pharmaceutical company MGC Pharma (Europe, UK, Australia, Israel) uses some ingredients including turmeric, to develop a phytomedicine CimetrA, for Covid-19. CimetrA is currently undergoing authorised phasetrails.

Backed up by scientific literature, curcumin is widely produced in easy-to-use products befitting modern lifestyles such as fresh, powdered curcumin capsules and supplements, as well as a ready-to-drink curcumin beverage.

Source: Bangkokpost, life social and lifestyle